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Atlantis is a Financial Technology Operating and Holding Company.
Atlantis is dedicated to building banking, credit, data, and financial infrastructure for consumers and SMBs in India and SeAsia. Our products are designed around people -- to help users control their entire financial lives in one place, and redefine their relationship with money.

Operating and Portfolio Companies

Social + Fintech

Traditional banks are built around products, we are designing one around humans.  As Millennials and Gen-Z reshape every industry in their tech-savvy, mobile-first image, banking has largely stayed the same. Our ‘lifestyle bank aims to rewrite this story, paving a journey to autonomous finance. 

A world where savings, commerce, payments, rewards, investments, and credit are personalized for the individual and managed autonomously by technology.

Bank For The Modern Life.
Banking for the Digital Generation

Credit + SaaS

We think of credit as an engineering problem, and engineering problems can be solved with technology and intelligence. Our credit products focus on our community's most urgent needs and offer solutions that are relevant, efficient, and lasting.

Using our end-to-end platform, SMBs can digitize their operations and spend more time on their core activities - revenue growth and business expansion.

Providing Credit Access To The Next Generation Of Digital Consumers And SMBs

Data + Decision Sciences

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services. Credit and risk are maths and technology. From our core technology to our suite of intelligent applications, we’re building enterprise-class AI for real-world challenges.

Exploit your Informational Advantage. We leverage AI to help financial institutions make smarter credit and business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services.
Exploit your Informational Advantage.

Infrastructure+ BaaS

We enable companies to build and launch best-in-class financial products. We provide compliance, payment, deposit, lending, and investment products as APIs to companies to build and launch their financial innovations on top of our banking infrastructure.

The Banking Platform
Build and launch best-in-class financial products.

Blockchain + DeFi

DeFi is on a path to create an alternative financial system.

We are passionate about decentralization and better products. The current decentralized eco-system lacks usability and convenience. Decentralized transactions are slow, expensive, and complex.

We aim to change this by leveraging a combination of blockchain scaling, developer platform, tools, and an extreme focus on user experience. We aspire to see a world where blockchain gains mainstream adoption and fulfils its true promise.

Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.
The Future is Decentralized.

Our Operating Principles

Redefining banking is an ambitious goal. To keep our sights firmly on target, we align our efforts around key operating principles. Every idea for a new project or approach adopted to solve a tough problem is born from these principles. When we’re stuck, these are the basics we fall back to.

Create Joy
Earn Trust
Think 10X
Our Mission

We are always looking to the future; the present does not satisfy us. Our ideal, whatever it may be, lies further on...

Our Mission

Freedom. Opportunity. Empowerment.

Building products that meet these three criteria for our stakeholders -- customers, partners, and employees -- is our success metric as an organisation. Fintech today does not achieve this.

The present is unsatisfactory. So we’re building the future. 
We’ll achieve this by building a bank that unthinks money, and builds trust.

The Bank for You. Built Around Humans.
Let’s build the Future, Together.

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Are You Ready?

Join the mission. Venture into the unknown.

Our mission is audacious - the stakes are high, but so is the reward. We’re embarking on this journey with a lean, diverse, and geographically-distributed team of builders and believers.  

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